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Our company LGK RacingKart has no obligation to issue an invoice or receipt to private customers under current rules as shown below "Electronic commerce indirect B2C (Business to Consumer), namely the sale of" private "Internet of material goods, is treated as a sale" mail "or" distance ", to which it is intended, nationally, the exemption from the obligation of billing (Article 22, paragraph 1, No. 1 of Presidential Decree 633/72), and from the certification fees (Article 2 of Presidential Decree 696/96). Outside of the domestic market there is, however, for various reasons, is obliged to charge the transaction.

Moreover, the tax authorities (with a resolution of the Department of Revenue on January 20, 1994, No. VI-12-2615) has clarified that the mail-order operations are among those in retail trade and assimilated, specified in Article 22 of Presidential Decree 633/72, for which the bill is always issued if requested by the customer. In addition, the exemption issue a receipt or tax receipt does not prevent companies to issue invoice (including electronically) clearly provided that the sellers set up on the register of invoices, which must also be given the credit notes regarding return of goods.

Nor is there duty to issue the document of carriage, whichever Dpr August 14, 1996, No472, which introduced the free movement of goods in transit, the repeal of the provisions concerning the obligation to issue the consignment note, as contained in Presidential Decree of 6 October 1978 No 627. Besides the already DPR 627/78 Article 4 No 1, excluded from the issuance of this document the transport of goods sold by retailers and similar subjects, which include also those who make the sales.

In the case of sales to players equipped with the normal VAT rules apply to billing: the indirect electronic commerce B2B (Business to Business), or the sale of goods between businesses via the Internet, the use of electronic tools is only a specific type of product displays and collection of orders, compared to a sort of online catalog, but does not affect the general VAT rules."

It can make the bill also requires that the private customer to order indicating your name, residence address, social security number, date and place of birth.

For holders of the VAT the merchandise will be accompanied by the invoice. When you register on our site will be required data, customer care and attention will then communicate any changes to Population.

Article 64
Exercising the right of withdrawal

1. For contracts and contract proposals at a distance or negotiated away from business premises, the consumer has the right to cancel the contract without penalty meat and without specific reason, within ten working days, except as provided for in Article 65, paragraphs 3, 4 and 5.

2. The withdrawal right is exercised by sending, within the limits laid down in paragraph 1, of a written notice to the principal place of business by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The communication can be sent within the same period, by telegram, telex, fax and e-mail, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours later, this shall be sent in due course, will be delivered all'ufÞ what accepting post within the time prescribed by the contract or, if different. The acknowledgment is not, however, a prerequisite for trying to exercise their right of withdrawal.

3. If expressly provided for in the tender or in information on the right of withdrawal, in place of a specific communication is sufficient to return within the period referred to in paragraph 1, of the goods.

Article 65

1. For contracts or contract proposals negotiated away from business premises, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal under Article 64 shall:
a) the date of signing the order form containing the information referred to in Article 47 or, if not prepared a memorandum, the date of receipt of same, to contracts for theprovision of services or to contracts for the supply of goods, if the consumer has previously been shown or explained by the professional product of the contract;
b) the date of receipt of the goods, whichever is later, to contracts for the supply of goods, if the purchase was made without the presence of a professional or has been shown or described a product type other than that covered by the contract.

2. For distance contracts, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal under Article 64 shall:
a) for goods, the date of receipt by the consumer where they were satisfied with the information requirements of Article 52 or the date on which they have been met, when they do so after the conclusion of the contract provided that no beyond a period of three months after the conclusion thereof;
b) for services, the day the contract is concluded or the day on which they were satisfied with the information requirements of Article 52, when they do so after the conclusion of the contract provided that no more than three months after the conclusion itself.

3. In the case where the trader has not satisfied, for contract or proposed contract negotiated away from business premises with the information requirements of Article 47 or, in distance contracts, the information requirements set out in Articles 52, paragraph 1, letter f) and g), and 53, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal, respectively, of sixty or ninety days and shall commence, goods, from the days of their receipt by the consumer, for services, the date of the contract.

4. The provisions of paragraph 3 shall also apply in cases where the professional provides an incomplete or incorrect information that does not allow the proper exercise of the right of withdrawal.

5. The parties may agree to broader guarantees to consumers than provided for in this article.

Article 66
Effects of withdrawal

1. Upon receipt by the seller of the communication referred to in Article 64, the parties are released from their respective obligations under the contract or proposed contract, without prejudice, assuming that the bonds themselves have now been fully or part, this further obligations under Article 67.

Article 67
Further obligations of the parties

1. If the goods have been delivered, the consumer is obliged to return or make available to the professional or the person designated in the manner and timing of the contract.The deadline for returning the item may not be less than ten working days from the date of receipt of the goods. Upon expiry of the period the goods are returned when they are delivered to the accepting post office or the courier.

2. For contracts for the sale of assets, where there has been deliverythe goods, the substantial integrity of the property to be returned is an essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However, it is sufficient that the goods are returned in normal condition, as has been preserved and possibly used with the use of reasonable diligence.

3. The only costs payable by the consumer to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to this article are the direct cost of returning goods to the sender, where expressly authorized by the contract.

4. If the withdrawal right is exercised by the consumer in accordance with the provisions of this section, the practitioner is required to refund any amounts paid by the consumer, including sums paid as a deposit. The refund shall be made as quickly as possible and in any case within thirty days from the date on which the professional is aware of the right of withdrawal by the consumer. The amounts repaid in good time means if they are actually returned, sent or credited with currency not later than the deadline indicated above.

5. In the event that the payment was made by means of promissory notes, if they have not yet presented for payment, there must be at their return. It is no any clause that limits the reimbursement to the consumer of the amounts paid as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal.

6. If the price of a good or service, subject to a contract under this title, either completely or partly covered by a loan granted to the consumer, the trader or any other person under an agreement between them and the professional, contract of credit is canceled, without penalty, if the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of this Article. It requires the practitioner to disclose to third parties granting the claim occurred the right of withdrawal by the consumer. Any amounts paid by the third which gave the credit for payment of goods or services until such time as it has been informed of the future exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer shall be reimbursed by the professional on the third, without penalty, subject to the payment of statutory interest accrued.


The return of material to the company LGK RacingKart, shall be notified in advance by fax or letter explaining in detail the grounds and citing references of a receipt or invoice, full account number. Wait LGKcomunichi Return Authorization number. All products must be returned undamaged in their original packaging complete with all parts and adequate external packaging. The transport document and the label on the outer packaging must bear the return authorization number. The goods will be shipped prepaid, products sent to our warehouse without the above requirements will be rejected and sent back to the sender COD.


Any errors in shipment or missing material should be reported immediately to the office sales LGK RacingKart phone number 055/308091 and reported via email to quoting the invoice number and customer number.


LGK RacingKart shall respond to the "manufacturer's warranty," only in cases and under the conditions laid down by Presidential Decree May 24, 1998 No. 224. In any case LGK RacingKart, as not responsible for the entire production of the goods, will repair those products that were required to submit technical defects of construction according to the terms and conditions of the warranty contained in the product box, and issued by its manufacturer . The warranty is valid only if you have made correct use of the material, also not liable for damage caused by tampering, incidentals and irrational use and in any event shall be the authentic manufacturer's warranty. Complaints are not accepted after 24 hours of receipt of the goods, so as not to be returned for repair or other cause unless authorized, prepaid and with valid packing slip.

Extract from the Decree. June 30, 2003, 196, and Annex B to the same

Protection of personal data (Information pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 30/6/2003 n. 196) to inform you that our company carries out the processing of personal data that are collected and processed by us in paper and electronically at Our head office to carry out the obligations imposed by law, the needs of business management and contractual obligations between us and pre intercurrent second legality, propriety, and ensuring the security measures and the respect of his rights. Your information will not be shared, traded, sold to third parties except in the case of legal obligations or Outsourcing suitable functional services to the business, to which third parties shall be required for compliance with the measures prescribed by law. The data will be kept for the time required to carry out these requirements, as provided by law. Informally may contact our company to exercise its rights set out in art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003:

1. You have the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

2. You have the right to obtain information:
a) the origin of personal data;
b) the purpose 'and mode' of processing;
c) the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means;
d) the identity of the owner, and the representative appointed under article 5, paragraph 2;
e) subjects or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who may come to knowledge in 'designated representative in the State, managers or agents.

3. You have the right to obtain:
a) updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data that is not 'necessary to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
c) certification that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, also as regards their contents, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

4. You have the right to object, in whole or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data concerning himself 'to the purpose of collection;
b) the processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market surveys or commercial communication.


The goods are sent carriage and therefore the risk passes to the customer upon delivery to the carrier. Always check on receipt of goods, the integrity of the packaging so that, in case of failure, the exercise in terms of a possible legal action against the carrier. In any event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, we are not responsible for the delay.