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Engine and Chassis services

We offer the possibility to check and adjust any frame, repair, overhaul and prepare any 2-stroke kart engine, as well as put it on the bench to test its qualities. Discover our services dedicated to engines and frames:

CHECKING THE FRAMES ON A RECONCILIATION PLAN: We have a specific rectified test bench as well as all the equipment necessary and necessary for checking and repairing, where possible, your frame.

ENGINE REPAIR AND TUNING: In our factory we have created an independent closed space in which, in total tranquility and confidentiality, one of our engine technician with all the necessary equipment of the latest generation will take care of your engine trying to improve its performance and according to the your requests and needs, optimize the delivery, using specific programs for the carburetors.


The tests are carried out on a test bench equipped with eddy current brake. The electronic part and the software are from the Land and Sea Dynomite American company leader in the sector. The test carried out is a combined test that manages the brake to simulate an acceleration with the same efforts that the engine has on the track. The tests are all correct with DIN correction to uniform them regardless of the weather conditions to which the test is performed. The weather conditions are acquired by a weather station connected to the bench electronics. All the tests are carried out starting with the wall temperature of the muffler at 220 degrees which is the temperature of thermal equilibrium that the muffler normally reaches on the track. The inertia of the rotating parts of the motor such as clutch and crankshaft is also inserted in the data to have a precise power measurement.

TESTING OF MOTORS TEST: If you want to test the capabilities and characteristics of your engine, on our test bench "" we will be able to provide you with all the data relating to power and delivery, as well as a final paper report.

TECHNICAL GUIDELINES FOR FRAMES AND MOTORS: Some of our technical specialists will be able, within our structure, or directly on the track both on national and international territory, for specific assistance. We also have a specialized telemetry technician who can support one of these figures so as to optimize both the performance of your vehicle and your driving skills.

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